♫ Album


143 Project.

(helloimmiga – EXO . VIXX . Apink)

ExpiredOur PromiseLeo’s SmileDifferent

4 Walls Series.

(patbingsoo – f(x), EXO, Red Velvet )

4 WallsXTravellerRude LoveWhen I’m AloneCash Me OutPapiDeja vu ♦♦


512 Drabble Series.

(dhamalashobita – EXO)


A Tale of Seasons.

(dhamalashobita & ettaeminho – SEVENTEEN)

Alone in WinterIt Ain’t SpringFall in AutumnSummer Justice .

B.A.P Drabble Series.

(Karra – B.A.P)

YoungTake You There ♦  ♦

BTS’s Boy In Luv Series.

(noonapark – BTS)


Coffee Taste Series

(ettaeminho – VIXX – Red Velvet)

Caramel MacchiatoMoccacino


(bubblecoffee97 – EXO)

Can’t Sleep

I Love You, Morning, Noon & Night.

(Honeybutter26 – EXO)

1 2 3

JiNaya Series.

(rinnaaay – SHINee’s Onew)

A Scandal WGM?! Forever More 떠나지 못해 (Can’t Leave) No. 5 In Your Eyes [NC] Birthday (not)end I Almost DoDiary

Nation Drabble Series.

(Shiningeyes – JYP Nation)

Before The Rain Coming HomeFeelHoneyI {Don’t} Need YouFirst Love


(Ahn Heeyun – Teen Top)

Miss Right So Sweet Get Crazy


(ettaeminho – Hey! Say! JUMP, INFINITE)

#1 : Ai no Katamari #2 : New Hope#3 : Cold at Night ♦♦


(Lightivory – VIXX, EXID)

Raise The Curtain Happen Ending 3

Special Chanyeol’s Birthday.

(Khaqqiadrei – EXO)

Big Hug, Big Gift Vitamin C3 Gift

Teen Top Love Fool Series.

(miichan – Teen Top)


The Last.

(rinnaaay – SHINee’s Onew)

One Two

Troublemaker Series

(Jelsaa- BTS)

Saus Pembunuh  

LAST UPDATE : 18 DESEMBER 2015 @16:00 WIB.

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