[Ficlet] L a s t O n c e


L a s t O n c e // Rahay™Kim // Kim Jong In X Ah Ri //Kyung Soo X Sehun X Chan Yeol // Ficlet //PG-15// Angst X Romance X Friendship X Fantasy// All The Story is Rahay Kim MINE //The Inspirations Idea from Song of BTS-Just One Day // Keep RCL Please !! X No Re-blog and No Plagiatrism!!//Editan Abal -abal Rahay™Kim.

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[A Tale of Seasons] Summer Justice

Tale of Seasons - Summer Justice

a story by dhamalashobita

starring Seventeen’s DK duration Ficlet genre Comfort, Romance rating General

Part of A Tale of Seasons with dhamalashobita. Check Alone in Winter / It Ain’t Spring / Fall in Autumn

© 2015 Project


Jika menurutmu Tuhan tidak pernah berlaku adil, maka mungkin kali ini kau harus mengubah pikiranmu.


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